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Supporting the industrial estate BID in Hainault

‘the documents you produced and the way they were written played a big part in our success. Excellent work by you. Thanks again.’
Chris Wyles, Hainault BID Joint Chairman

Business Improvement Districts are now a well-established part of the British High Street – but not nearly so common in industrial estates. Hainault Business Park in Redbridge, East London, established the first industrial estate BID in the south of England in 2006.

We got involved early in 2009, when the BID Board asked us to evaluate the London Development Agency’s three-year support programme, which we did over a year in two stages, interim and final.

In the run-up to the renewal ballot the Board asked us to follow-up to establish how likely firms were to support a second term, and to identify the issues which mattered to them.

Finally, with the crucial renewal ballot due in March 2011, Iain Mackinnon was asked back to draft the prospectus which went to every company, setting-out the case for a second five-year term: a clear, punchy, document in a straightforward style tailored to the job in hand.

The ballot was a great success: thanks to the great work done by the leaders of the BID in gaining the confidence and trust of businesses, the second term won an astonishing 95% ‘yes’ vote (98% of the rateable value) – on a high turnout (58%) and despite the Board asking for a doubling of the levy to 2%.

The prospectus

The ballot result announcement