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Case studies of flexible provision for young people who are ‘NEET’

One of the aspects of the ‘NEET’ problem which should be easier to address is inflexibility by providers. It can’t be right for young people to have to wait many months for the right course just because they weren’t ready in September or their first shot misfired.

The Learning and Skills Council South East region team therefore asked us to identify a dozen or so examples of providers behaving flexibly so that young people could start a course at other times of the year than the start of the academic year, through infill, and so on.

We wrote up 14 case studies, from the statutory, private and voluntary sectors, covering both ‘mainstream’ learners and others with a variety of special needs.

Perhaps the most interesting was a project which had found a way of giving learners “time out” from their studies when their baby was born. Spotting a precedent, we asked whether such flexibility could be extended to other learners, whose messy lives make a sustained period of study unrealistic.

The LSC published our report.