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Evaluating the Employer Recognition Programme for QCDA

‘Qualification reform’ seldom makes the headlines, but if that was the plan, giving official recognition to McDonalds’ own qualifications was an inspired piece of PR.

It was the Leitch Report which recommended that it would add to the flexibility of the vocational qualifications system if employers and others could win official recognition for their qualifications. Building on other work we’d done for the UK VQ Reform Programme, our role was to evaluate this strand - ‘Project C’ of the wider programme - for QCDA (the Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency), which managed the Employer Recognition Programme.

We began by setting a baseline for the programme, and followed up with two staged surveys of participating employers, and also talked directly with some employers to get more detail on why they were involved and what difference participation made.

We aligned our evaluation with the planned benefits defined for the programme, and also offered some recommendations on how it could be run more cost-effectively.